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Xiaomi Mi Smartband 2 OLED display monitor Bluetooth 4.0 fitness tracker

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100% original mi band 2 wristband
Visible time, and every step
OLED Display | Touchpad | New wristband design | Upgrade pedometer algorithm


Time, Steps, Heart rate Visible in first-hand
Mi Band 2 now has a beautiful OLED display Lift wrist or tap button view time,step count,heart rate ,and more

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Upgraded pedometer algorithm
Mi band 2 based on a new hardware platform

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Heart rate monitor
Built-in ADI motion sensor and monitor heart rate accurately & Records every beat in real-time


Sitting for too long?
Customize alerts to nudge you to move


Helps you pace
Measures pace, steps and heart rate while your run


The scicence of sleep
Monitor sleep duration via phone app records light and deep sleep patterns

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Identify yourself with Mi Band 2 Swipe, unlock. No passcodes required.
Forget complicated passwords. Simply reach for your phone, swipe, and unlock. Anyone else who tries
will be prompted to enter a passcode. Your Mi Band 2 can be linked to your Mi Account, enhancing the
security of your personal data.

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Incoming call & Message alerts
Never miss an important call & Message again. Ask Mi Band 2 to sense when a call
has not been picked up within a certain time, and notify you immediately


IP67 water-resistant
The Mi Band 2 is certified IP67 water-resistant. Dustproof,Anti-corrosion
Shower or wash hands without removing

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Military-grade ADI exercise sensor
Manufactured by US-based ADI, Mi Band’s accelerometer has the lowest power consumption of any comparable sensor.
Power efficient ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor
Anodized 0.05mm ultra-thin button
Upgraded pedometer algorithm
2nd gen Bluetooth 4.0 for faster, stable connections
70mah battery -20days battery life

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