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16 Slots LCD Smart Battery Charger Batteries with Smart LCD Display

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Product Description

This is a great 16-Bank charger. Charges a set of 16 AA batteries in about 4 hours. Refresh your tired old batteries as well.

This charger can help bring some life back to them. If you have old batteries laying in the desk drawer just pop them in and press refresh.

The charger does the rest. Charges both NiMH and NiCd batteries AA or AAA batteries in any combination.


Charges 1 to 16 AA or AAA batteries at the same time.

Charges NiMH or NiCd batteries in any combination.

Independent charging channel for each battery.

State of the art microcontroller for optimum charge each time.

Full charge -dV detection.

Safety timer control function.

Reverse polarity detection

Short circuit detection and over temperature detection. 

Auto detection of non-rechargeable battery or defective battery. 

Refresh function is very helpful for NiCd batteries.


Battery sizes and types: AA and AAA NiCd and NiMH rechargeable

Input voltage 12 Vdc. 2.0A. 

Input voltage for ac/dc adapter: 100 to 240Vac, 50 or 60Hz

Channel output: AA 1.2V 500 mA, AAA 1.2V 250 mA

Discharge current 250 mAh

Package include:

1 X Smart Charger ( Not Include Battery ) 

1 X Power Cord (US plug)

1.Slots independence

Slots of this charger are omde[emdemce

no restrictions

can single charge or mix charge

can mix and match the AA or AAA battery

2.Fast charging<8 h

500mA rechargeable batteries moderate speed, not to hurt the battery

5 large capacity 2300mAh NIMH battery charging times

Save time, improve efficiency

When the charger reaches the maximun charging time of 8 h, it will automatically stop charging

3.MCU intelligent control

AC12.0V/1000mA DC input

MCUintelligent control

Accurate detection voltage

Make sure that the rechargeable battery charge and not charge less

4.Discharge refresh function

Press before nickel cadmium rechargeable battery charge point of dicharge buttom on the charger, the charger will dis charge the battery before charging automatically switch to clear the memory effect of nickel cadmium batteries are fully discharged battery to extend battery life

5.Bad and non-rechargeable battery detection

If you have a bad or non-rechargeable battery in charge,the charger will be protected

Recognition the battery is good or bad

The charger stop charging when otehr loads(expect batteries) in it

6.Trickle feature

When the battery is fully charged, there will be a small current (80mA)to continue to reduce the current charge to maintain fully charged stated. So that the battery can state in the charger slot until you need it

7.Intelligent Control trickle

RYBATT charger, integrated thermal originals, close the battery compartment by a thermally conductive adhesive, implement stable detection of the battery, when temperature too high, it will automatically stop, after the temperature droppend the charger start automatically

8. 0V activation

Most batteries will have a part of the residual voltage, if the battery is 0 volts, it can't be charged by general charger, this new smart charger can recharge the 0 volts battery

9. Independent adapter

Most the original charging cable is easy to fold, easy to carry, not the space easy to store1013